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Simple Sequencing – Mixed ability classes

So, you have been asked to teach an OPEN LEVEL class. You have no idea what you will be faced with. Of course at the start of the class you ask about injuries, but have no record of previous experience, except to know that there are some beginners and some more experienced people in the group. This can be very scary even for the more mature teacher. As the class begins, you can see the huge variety of physicality in…

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Fascinating Fascia

  Is Pilates an Efficient Training Tool for fascia Research in the world of fascia continues to increase every day and most of us are becoming increasingly aware of what fascia is. – “all the collagenous fibrous connective tissues that can be seen as elements of a body-wide tensional force transmission network” – Fascia Research Congress. In fascial training, we want to optimize elasticity, adaptability & resilience. In other words, we want to make it strong, flexible, and better able to resist injury.…

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Classical versus Contemporary Pilates

Over the last decade Pilates has developed significantly, we now have a greater understanding of the bio mechanics of the human body. As a result of this there are new styles of Pilates being developed every day. Some people are concerned however as they feel that it has deviated from its original state and they criticise contemporary forms of Pilates for not being true to Joseph Pilates original vision. Are you a traditionalist or are you prepared to evolve with…

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Practice gentle stability for gentle hip release

Here is a very simple exercise to practice stabilising your torso to elicit greater freedom on the hips. When we learn to stabilise the torso in optimal alignment (neutral spine) we give ourselves the opportunity to disassociate the femur from the pelvis. In doing so we can truly exploit glide in that area in a very gentle way. Juicing up the hip joint, without all of that aggressive “stretching” usually associated with hip opening. Remember the core muscles are volumus…

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