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Sequencing for a Lifetime

yoga and pilates in malaga - CPD courses As your journey as a yoga teacher progresses so too does your teaching style which develops over time. It is important that in line with this, you continue to learn and grow with the support of continual professional development.

When you first start teaching yoga, you fit the level and ability of your students into the theme of the class you have prepared to teach. After a while though this model no longer fits and you begin to create classes which are better tailored to your student’s needs. Knowing how to sequence for various issues, can open a whole world of possibilities in this regard. From one to one, to time of life sequences, join us to explore options to make you a more dynamic educator.

At our CPD courses in Malaga, we are delighted to host renowned teachers and experts from all over the world who come from various disciplines of movement education.

Some of the themes we address during our 3 day CPD courses in Malaga include:-

General Themes – Balance, Flow, Energising- Yang, Calming- Yin

Goal Setting – Strength, Core, Flexibility

Bone Health – Osteoporosis specific

Age – explore the musculoskeletal problems in all ages (e.g.: teens, child-bearing years, menopause and beyond)

Myofascial Yoga

4 Day CPD course

Welcome to the wonderful world of Fascia. The new yet age-old concept that movement is not just vectors and levers, but an amazing, sensory trip through body-wide lines of tensegrity. There are several training elements required for healthy fascia and traditional Yoga addresses only some of these. Join us for a first peek into 3D movement that is fluid and extra strong at the same time.  If you are a movement teacher and have not yet delved into the world of Myofascia we highly recommend developing your knowledge by attending this course.

On the first two days, we will explore what and where Thomas Myers defined fascial meridians as. On days 3 and 4 we will explore how to adapt some traditional Yoga asana to fulfil all four elements of training for fascial health. This training adds a whole new dynamic to your classes whilst remaining true to Yoga Philosophy.

Each course lasts between 2 and 7 days depending on the content delivered.

A Typical CPD Day

10.00 Practice/ Lecture/workshop
13.30 Break for lunch
14.30 Lecture /workshop16.30 Finish with plenty of time for beach, shopping or time with friends or family.
Course and Booking Details
Our CPD courses are accompanied by a manual and or image driven learning tools and students receive a course certificate on completion of the course hours. €249
Please note flights, food and accommodation are not included. Visit our Accommodation page for our suggestions as a solo traveller, with friends, or sharing with others from the course.
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