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How many students are on the teacher training course?
We accept a maximum of 22 students on each training, plus one scholarship student There may be teaching assistants taking part in the general classes, but all the teaching modules are limited to 23.

The courses proceed with a minimum of 8 students.

What will I learn on the course?

The style of yoga you will learn on this course is Dynamic Hatha.  We do include a flow module, but believe that the asanas should be learnt from safe positions initially before incorporating them into a vinyasa sequence. Our course is anatomy based and each asana is dissected into its anatomical components from a biomechanical viewpoint. Our philosophy is one of transformation through stillness and meditation.

Who is eligible to take the course?
Week one of the course is open to experienced yoga students (no beginners please) even if just to deepen their practice. The further 19 days are open to those who has been practicing Yoga for two years or more.

Can I take part even if I do not want to teach?
Yes. If you are an experienced yogi, you can come to week one of the course.  If you have 2 years plus experience, you are welcome to take part in all modules, and omit the teaching modules and anatomy. However, we must remind participants that it is a teacher training course and classes will be taught with teaching objectives in mind.

 What does the Yoga Alliance certification mean?
Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAUK) certification allows you to teach yoga worldwide. It adds an accreditation to your 200-hour training course and allows you to be insured as a teacher

What is the difference between taking module 1 & 2 separately or joining them together?
Nothing really.  It is just whatever suits your lifestyle best. We do find that students who are less confident in their asana practice benefit by taking a break between both modules to get their asana to a standard suitable for assessment. If you are unsure, just email us to discuss.

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