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eqg_3734Susan Church

Course Director

Senior Yoga Teacher Master Pilates Teacher 

After more than a decade of Dance training, Susan was introduced to yoga  and Pilates at Drama school. As a valuable part of her professional theatre career, both disciplines gave focus and physical strength, not to mention a respite from the down-times of the artists world. This lead to the discovery that Yoga and physical therapy was her mission and not the arts industry after all.  In 2000 she took her first Yoga Teacher Training, Followed by Pilates Teacher Training and Massage therapy. Since then she has taken hundreds of courses in Yoga, Pilates and functional movement with people like Ana Forrest, Jason Crandel, Desiree Ramburgh, Godfrey Devereux, Danny Paradise, Gloria Kay, Rebecca Leone, Stott , Balanced Body, Powerhouse, Anatomy Trainins and many more. She is a lead trainer at The Elbowroom Yoga teacher Training in Dublin, Ireland and the Director of Pilates Teacher Training Institute. Susan wants to teach you HOW TO TEACH with compassion, safety and care as your priority.  She wants to guide you through the use of your eyes, ears, voice and body to encourage students to find the right approach for them.

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