Course Breakdown

Practice and Training: 100 hours
Includes progressive practice of traditional Yoga techniques with emphasis on asana, pranayama, kriya, and bandha, plus training in how to teach the above.  All hours are taught by principal/senior teachers.

Teaching Methodology: 25 hours
Learning to observe, demonstrate, motivate, be inclusive, and adapt to individual needs.

Anatomy and Physiology: 25 hours
This covers current scientific understanding of anatomy and physiology with relevance to yoga techniques including: Physiology of Breathing,
Inversions, functional anatomy; Anatomy of asana, alignment; Understanding key muscles of Hatha Yoga and their function. Health
benefits/contraindications. Yoga and its effects on the central nervous system. Energetic concepts based on Tantric and Hatha
Yoga source texts.

Philosophy and History of Yoga 25
Study of both orthodox and unorthodox (non vedic) branches of yoga. Comparative study of classical yoga and Tantric yoga and its pplication
in contemporary yoga classes.

Teaching Experience 10(contact) hours: 15 non-contact hours
Observing and assisting in classes taught by qualified teachers. Also includes practising teaching in a class environment.
10 hours will be spent actively teaching in the presence of the tutor.
The remaining hours can be spent observing and assisting in other teacher’s classes.

Tutorials and Assignments 20
Further study of material presented in class. Essays to demonstrate students’ understanding. Preparation for future training modules and
reading source texts.

Total Minimum hours for above categories 200

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