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By appointment Beginners to improvers Yoga & Pilates Classes in English

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Come along and experience a dynamic hatha class designed to gently invigorate then totally relax the system.

January 12th to 14th Yoga Teachers and trainees RESIDENTIAL Bed and Breakfast Yoga Sequencing CPD course.

Take the effort out of planning Sequences. It’s simple when you know how to create a template. After that with a little thought you can sequence for a lifetime.

January 19th to 21st All yoga & Pilates teachers and trainees welcome
Welcome to the wonderful world of Fascia. The new yet age-old concept that movement is not just vectors and levers, but an amazing, sensory trip through body-wide lines of tensegrity.
Join us for a first peek into 3D movement that is fluid and extra strong at the same time.
If you are a movement teacher and have not yet  delved into the world of Myofascia– this is a great introduction.
February 14th to 20th Pilates Experience Essential Pilates Teacher Training Mat Level 1 & 2:

CPD course in Malaga Centro. Suitable for health and fitness professionals, therapists and Yoga teachers.

June 12th-29th 2 years Yoga Experience essential 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training- Module 1


Module 1 & 2 combined €1799
September 6th to 11th 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Module 2
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