Well-oiled Weekends

If you are interested in finding your physical and mental WD40  – welcome to all things ease-of-movement in Malaga. 

Using Yoga, Pilates, Myofascial movement and Mind move techniques, we provide education and short breaks along with our very beautiful partner – the stunning town of Malaga.

We have themed weekends for groups of practitioners and teachers, plus bespoke one on one sessions and workshops all based around just one goal – Ease. We combine practices for mental-health, easeful movement and a good dose of Spanish culture  to compliment your trip to Malaga. At times we all tend to get stuck physically and mentally and we want to help you rediscover a well-oiled you.  Whether you are travelling alone or with friends and family, meet like minded people, tap into the local scene and enjoy plenty of downtime so you can make the most of local culture, beaches and other activities.

Themed Wellbeing Weekends 

yoga and pilates in malaga - bespoke wellness weekendsOur themed Yoga, Pilates  and Myofascial movement Weekends take place regularly and are a great mix of relaxation, meditation and developing your practice. Some are open to all levels, and some are for especially for movement teachers. All offer a warm and supportive environment for you to feel easy amongst friends.

How does it go?

Your first session on a Friday afternoon begins with a blissful  workshop to set the tone for the weekend and allow you to press the reset button. You will also meet fellow guests over a cold drink.  On Saturday, we host a themed workshop again with more specific material at it’s centre. That might be relaxation, myofascial movement, core strength, or home practice –  depending on the subject that weekend.  On Sunday morning, we recap on the theme and close with a restorative session.

yoga and pilates in malaga - bespoke wellness weekends

Bespoke Wellness Workshops

We also offer Bespoke Wellness Workshops which are tailored to a topic and goal that you would like to explore. We work together to create a workshop especially for you based on what you wish to achieve.

Contact us for more information and availability.

One on One Sessions (60mins)
We can create a tailored one on one session or series of sessions for you during your stay in Malaga to help you take your practice to the next level, either at a studio in Malaga Centro or at your hotel or accommodation.
€50 studio session
€70 if we need to travel to you ( within a 20klm radius)
Contact us for more information and availability


Why book?

If you know that you have neglected you- if you are feeling stuck, but want to get a practice together that can slot into your daily life. 

If you are a movement teacher stuck in a teaching rut and desperately seeking inspiration.

If you love easy Spanish culture, sunshine, great food.

If you want to have fun, meet new people and enjoy developing your practice with some of the best teachers in town.

I would like to book

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