Classical versus Contemporary Pilates

Over the last decade Pilates has developed significantly, we now have a greater understanding of the bio mechanics of the human body. As a result of this there are new styles of Pilates being developed every day. Some people are concerned however as they feel that it has deviated from its original state and they criticise contemporary forms of Pilates for not being true to Joseph Pilates original vision. Are you a traditionalist or are you prepared to evolve with…

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Is sitting the new smoking?

A broken collarbone was one of the best things ever  to happened to me. Am I odd? When I was a kid having a plaster-of-paris cast ,on a broken bone, was a symbol of courage; a badge of honour; and something to be deeply envious of.  I so wanted my friends writing on my arm or leg shield. Silly messages that would be (some of them) sawn in two by the doctor to extrapolate the slightly shrunken limb, the forever…

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