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YP Malaga was established in 2000 by Director Susan Church, a yoga and pilates teacher for over 15 years. After falling in love with the stunning city of Malaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol, she set her heart on re-locating and on her 5th visit she made the dream a reality. Having travelled extensively across Europe, Malaga’s warmth, friendly people and beautiful scenery combined made her decision to share this wonderful place with her students though specialist teacher training courses, an obvious choice.

Our Courses

Our yoga and pilates courses are fully accredited and taught by dedicated and experienced teachers to the highest standards. Teaching takes place in a beautiful and inspiring studio space in Malaga Centro which reflects our love for yoga, pilates, teaching and the self-development of our students.

Our Philosophy

Our biggest joy is to see you teach with confidence and compassion and Susan believes that communication is at the heart of successful teaching, creating a dialogue between student and teacher is crucial and she believes as a yoga teacher you are there to facilitate a practise in others and not to just show how to create poses yourself. Her passion for teaching yoga and pilates is supported by her ongoing anatomy studies as well as continued practical teaching which has allowed her to understand and tailor movement for almost anyone teacher and student.

By defining her own purpose as a teacher Susan’s vision is to teach her students how to go on to teach yoga and pilates with compassion, safety and care.

Your Journey

Whether you choose our 200-hour Yoga teacher training course or Pilates teacher training you will feel supported on your journey. In line with our philosophy our focus is on learning by doing which we encourage from day 1 of your time with us.

Our courses are designed for those who want to both deepen their practice and continue their professional development with increased confidence and a deeper knowledge of philosophy and meditation. At YP Malaga our aim is to create an environment where our students feel nurtured and able to enjoy the experience at their own pace. We attract a mix of international students and our classes are small-medium sized so we are able to give each students individual attention and guidance.

All of our courses are non-residential allowing ultimate flexibility during your time in Malaga. Combining learning with discovering local culture and quality down time outside of the classroom is truly beneficial to your experience. Malaga has a variety of accommodation options for you to choose from including Air BnB apartments through to boutique hotels. Depending on the season you can also choose to stay out of town if you want to enjoy one of the coastal resorts close to the city. If you are interested in sharing an apartment with others from the group, just let us know and we will put you in touch with each other.

Many of our students begin their time with us unsure of their path post training but most are certain by the end that they want to teach and this is an amazing outcome for all. We want to train the best, safe, and confident teachers and we are honoured to be able to offer you this experience and to facilitate your growth whilst you are with us.

We have also created our Malaga Wellbeing Weekends which allow you to make the most of themed yoga and pilates workshops and one on one sessions as well as exploring the beautiful surroundings of the city. 

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